Want To Be Happy? Stop Pretending!

stop pretending

When was the last time you asked yourself if you were being true to your identity or pretending to be a different person for different people? When do you know you need to stop pretending and be true to yourself? The last time I asked myself that question was when I was at my friend’s house […]

Reasons Why Time Is Not Money! 

time is not money

Guess the number 1 regret of dying? Could it be that I should’ve done more with my life or checked those boxes from my wishlist? The answer is: I wish I could be true to myself and not live on other people’s expectations. I’d love to have more time. The truth is that time is […]

7 Amazing Tips to Write a Scene  

write a scene

So you’ve decided to write a book, planned your chapter, and the schedule is set, but the only thing coming your way is how you’ll approach the scenes. It’s not as complicated as you think regarding the “write a scene” scenario.  You surely desire to get your story to reach the reader’s heart. You want […]

How To Be An Efficient Storyteller: 5 Ways

be an efficient storyteller

Grandma always had the best stories. She could make them up on the spot or tell us ones she remembered from her own childhood. Either way, we were always captivated. It’s a cherished part of childhood that often stays with us forever. And now that we’re adults, we can see just how special those storyteller […]

How to Manage Mind that (Always) Thinks the Worst

worst case scenario

When you’re trying to relax and clear your mind, it can be frustrating when your thoughts suddenly turn to worst-case scenarios. Why does this happen, and how can you manage mind to stop thinking about these negative possibilities? You may start thinking about worst-case scenarios because you’re trying to avoid other thoughts. If you’re trying […]

Nature’s 12 Universal Laws to Improve Your Life

12 universal laws

Most of us go through life not understanding how the world works. We go to school, get a job, and then retire without thinking about how everything on earth is in harmony and happens at divine timing. Only when we take the time to understand the 12 universal laws of nature can we improve our […]

Emotions Say a Lot: Listen To These 9 Signs

Emotions Say a Lot: Listen To These 9 Signs

The practice of listening to our emotions is unfamiliar to many of us. Maybe we weren’t taught to process them healthily, or maybe we’ve just been ignoring them for so long that it feels like second nature at this point. But emotions are there for a reason—they’re our brain’s way of trying to communicate with […]

7 Valuable Life Advice For Every Decade 

valuable advice

No one’s life is easy, and we can all agree on that. We all face difficulties, big and small, and we learn from them. That’s what life is all about. How about some valuable life advice? If you’re in your twenties, you’re probably just starting to face some of the bigger challenges in life. You’re […]

7 Ways to Overcome Depression and Limiting Beliefs

overcome depression

There’s a popular Arabic saying which goes, “If you want to die, throw yourself in the ocean and watch yourself struggling to live. You don’t want to kill yourself, you just want to eliminate a part of you!” And that hit me really hard in the gut. Due to societal pressure and whatnot, self-doubt is […]

This is How You Stop Being a People Pleaser  

people pleaser

For years, I was a people pleaser and I said yes to every request, no matter how inconvenient. I put everyone else’s needs above my own. I was always worried about what others thought of me. But then I realized that this way of living was unsustainable. It was taking a toll on my mental […]