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Reasons Why Time Is Not Money! 

Time is not money

Guess the number 1 regret of dying? Could it be that I should’ve done more with my life or checked those boxes from my wishlist? The answer is: I wish I could be true to myself and not live on other people’s expectations. I’d love to have more time. The truth is that time is not money. It’s more valuable than money and practically everything else in the world.  

You care so much about what other people may think of you when you know it’s not taking you anywhere. In Fact, it brings a lot of disappointments and limits in your life. Time passed, but the comparison never helped anyone improve; only working for yourself did. 

time is not money

Spreading Myself Way Too Thin!

As a teenager, I used to care a lot about what other people thought of me; I used to explain myself way more than needed. And it was my fault that I gave people those unnecessary expectations of explaining myself every time I couldn’t help them, that I was engaged in prior commitments or picked up their phone, or even why I didn’t reply to their texts. 

What did it bring me? Utter sadness, disappointment, messed up brain, not doing anything for myself but others. And those “others” were never happy. No matter how much I do, how much I sacrifice, or if I spread myself way too thin. Those “others” were never satisfied. 

reasons why time is not money

Filling Someone Else’s Water Bottle!

It’s like filling someone else’s water bottle in the school in order to fit in with the so-called ‘popular crowd’ who doesn’t even care about your existence. And who gave that tag? We did. But if you ask them (just once) to do the same for you, which you’ve been doing for years. Suppose just asking to fill your water bottle for once. They’ll say: Do it for yourself. I’m not your servant. 

SERVANT! So that’s what I was all these years! When I was doing those favors. I won’t lie; I was one of the popular kids in my school but never the mean kind. I hated to form groups and pick on someone for absolutely no reason. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen that happening. 

Friendship Must Be Two Ways

The experience above is the one I witnessed in my school when I used to go to the water cooler, and a girl had 4 bottles in the queue. “Are all of these yours?” I inquired of her. Do you sweat a lot, or do you play any sports? Or have you got a dare to fill up everyone’s water bottles today?” She merely said, “No,” with a cute smile. “These are of my friends, they were busy making notes, and I was coming here (to the water cooler) anyways.”  

“Oh, Okay,” I couldn’t say more than that because that wasn’t my place to barge in. But that incident made me think about why a person would be so desperate to please others. I know they want to fit in. And it’s hard to be all by yourself, but don’t you think it’s not worth it if you’re putting aside your self-respect for someone who doesn’t respect you? Friendship must be two ways. It should never be when you’re doing everything and the other is watching. 

Everything Has a Million Possibilities

The good thing is that we learn from experiences only time can provide.  And no matter how much our older people advise us, or I advise you. You will never change unless you get a stroke from destiny. Unless something severe happens, your life will never be the same again. If humans could change by listening to someone else’s advice, then we have all those older people who have experienced our lives before us and are truly capable of telling us what’s wrong and right. 

I can’t say all people ignore their elders. You must have followed good advice, but it still didn’t end right for you. I’ll tell you why. Because one thing has a million possibilities, take someone’s failure as an example if someone you admire in your life has failed at some point in their career. 

Let’s say: They wanted to be a singer, but they failed, and they advised you, based on their own experiences, not to take the same career because that’s what they think happens to everyone. Would it be a fair judgment? No! A chance that you’d fail? Yes! Or maybe you’ll succeed? Definitely! 

Time is All You Have

“Time is Money.” Although we’ve all heard it, do you agree? Probably! Do I agree? Debatable! Here’s why.

When you’re on your deathbed, God grants you one last wish. You can ask for absolutely anything. I mean, billions of dollars, a huge mansion, or even a blank check. What would you ask for? 

If I’m not wrong, you will ask to go back in time, another chance at life. You’ll ask to be young again, to have one more shot. To sum it up, you’ll ask for time, not money. So yes, time is way more valuable and far superior to money

If you ask for more time when you’re dying. And if your wish is granted (whatever that is.) Keep that in mind and do it now; do all those things you wish you’d do if you get one more chance in your youth. As if you’re in your twenties again. 

Who knows, you’re back in time because the lord has granted your wish. You just don’t remember, but you’re repeating the same mistake. Stop wasting time and chasing money. Tell me, when you pass through the gates of heaven, how much baggage is allowed so I can pack mine. If you know, you know. 

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing in life that you need to work upon, that will be learning to manage time because everything else follows. I’ve truly noticed changes in my life from the moment I have a day schedule planned for me every night before the next day. I no longer feel lost and get more things done because I’ve given myself a deadline. 

When you know the importance of time, money will no longer be a problem for you. You’ll no longer chase people when you start respecting yourself. Life will be such a blessing when you prioritize your needs. Then you’re bound to be successful and it’s impossible to stop you. That’s the law of nature

They say, “It’s never too late to get started.” Are you ready?

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