The Writing Chaos: Why It’s Beautiful And Messy

writing chaos

A poet’s perspective on finding inspiration in the chaos of writing. It explores the idea that writing chaos is not an enemy, but a source of creative liberation. The post includes a poem on the topic and a personal reflection on what inspired it. The post also touches on the Ballade rhyming scheme, a unique structure that the poet experimented with. If you’re looking for inspiration and encouragement to embrace the chaos of the writing process, this post is for you.

Need for Validation And Its Effects on Mental Health

need for validation

“Validation – the very word exudes a sense of warmth and acceptance. But what happens when the need for validation turns into an obsession? When we start seeking approval from others to the point where it becomes our sole source of self-worth? The effects can be far-reaching, and often detrimental to our mental health. In a world where likes and shares reign supreme, it’s easy to lose sight of our own voice and truths, constantly striving to please and impress others. But at what cost? Join me as we explore the effects of validation-seeking on our mental health, and discover how we can break free from the cycle and embrace our own unique selves.”

Do You Think You Are Living Or Just Surviving?ย 

living or surviving?

You’ve put a lot of effort into getting to where you are now. Remember all those years when you wished you had all these things you have now? Must take a pause and be a bit grateful for it. Won’t you?

Embrace The Change And Never Be The Same

embrace the change

Never Be The Same!  I don’t know what’s changed. But I will never be the same. I stopped with all those lame excuses. Getting in my way.ย  I am out of my comfort zone. And that’s not the way I was born. I need to struggle on my own. To get those things I desire, […]

Overthinking – A Poem of Perception


Overthinking Don’t let it get to you. Those memories in your head. Those bad moments are not true. Overthinking makes it worse.  Living The Same Thing Twice Even though it’s not happening, You can’t help but wonder if it’s you. Are you one of the few people I confide in? And now I’m afraid that […]