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How to Declutter to Improve Your Creativity

How to Declutter to Improve Your Creativity

I used to be so irritated while working, little did I notice, because of my cluttered space. I cleaned. It’s not just that a cluttered desk is unsightly (although that’s definitely part of it). A messy work environment can actually hurt your productivity and creativity. Ever considered to declutter? You need need too much stuff!

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of working on something important when you realize you can’t find the pen you need. Or maybe you’re trying to focus on a project, but your cluttered space is just too distracting. It’s easy to brush these things off and think they don’t matter, but the truth is, they can greatly impact your productivity.

A messy workspace can lead to increased stress and anxiety levels, making it harder to focus and be productive. But it’s not just about being tidy for the sake of being tidy. When you declutter your space, you’re creating an environment more conducive to concentration and creativity.

So if you’re feeling stuck in a rut or like your productivity could use a boost, try decluttering your space. Fortunately, you can do some easy things to clean your space and help yourself focus on the task at hand. Here are a few tips:

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declutter and make space for what's important

Stop Being a Hoarder

If you’re anything like me, your home is full of things you don’t need. Old pens, clothes that don’t fit, and half-used notebooks are just a few things taking up space in my house. But decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of stuff—it’s about making room for creativity.

When your home is full of clutter, it’s hard to focus on anything else. The mess constantly draws your mind, making it difficult for you to relax or be productive. But when everything has its place, it’s much easier to relax and think creatively.

So if you’re looking to jumpstart your creativity, decluttering is a great place to start. This includes old papers, unused office supplies, and other junk that’s taking up space. Get rid of anything you don’t need! Not only will you feel better in a clean space, but you’ll also have more mental energy to devote to creative pursuits.

stop being a hoarder and declutter stuff that you no longer need

Declutter and Organize What’s Left

Once you declutter your space and remove all unused items, start organizing what remains. Invest in a few storage solutions to help keep your desk tidy. You can use bins, file folders, or even just a simple box to store things out of the way.

If you have a lot of papers, consider investing in a filing system. It’ll be simpler for you to keep track of everything and find what you need. If you have many small items, use organizing trays or boxes to keep them sorted and easy to access.

And here comes the best part. If you have a lot of knick-knacks and collectibles, consider investing in some display cases or shelving units. This way, you can still enjoy your things without having them clutter up your home.

Don’t worry if the solutions you come up with seem weird. The ideas are “out there” — sometimes, the best ideas are the ones that seem a little crazy at first. Indeed, many of the world’s greatest inventors created their inventions as solutions to problems they were facing.

time management and declutter strategies

Set Up a Task Management System

If you don’t manage your tasks, they’ll return to how things were, which you probably don’t want. A task management system can help you see what needs to be done and when it’s due. Plus, it can help you keep track of progress and see what still needs to be done.

There are a few different ways to set up a task management system. You can use a physical notebook or whiteboard or create a digital system using an app or spreadsheet. Whichever method you choose, list every task that needs to be completed, including small tasks like “wipe down countertops” and “vacuum floors.”

Once you have everything listed, you can start tackling the items. Check them off as you go; soon enough, your creative mind will visit you soon!

your workspace should be clutter free

Keep a Clean Workspace

If you’re the type of person who likes to start their day with a clean slate, then you’ll definitely want to get in the habit of cleaning up your desk each night before you go to bed. Not only will this help keep your space organized, but it will also make it easier to work when you return to your desk in the morning.

As a starting point, consider the following advice:

  • Make it a habit to declutter your space at the end of each day. This means planning a productive week and removing any unnecessary papers or items that are taking up space on your desk.
  • Take a few minutes to organize your desk, so everything has its own place. This way, you’ll know exactly where everything is when needed.
  • Don’t forget to wipe down your desk surface and keyboard! The dust will not be worth it.
  • Don’t pile papers, files or other items on your desk. Rather, ensure everything is neatly placed into a file holder, basket, organizer or other containers.

the process to declutter your work space to enhance your productivity

The Link Between Declutter and Creativity

Creativity and productivity go hand in hand. If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to focus in a chaotic environment, you’re not alone. There’s a reason why decluttering your space can lead to more creativity. According to psychology, you need to be able to focus and have a certain degree of mental clarity to be creative. 

Physical and mental clutter are closely related. When your environment is cluttered, it can be very difficult to focus and be productive. This is because your brain is constantly trying to process all of the information around you. The more clutter there is, the more your brain has to work, which can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. In contrast, a clean and organized space can help promote feelings of calm and well-being, which are essential for creative thinking.

brain dump and declutter your extra junk to find space for creativity

The Benefits When You Declutter

When you’re feeling creative, the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for things. But if your workspace is cluttered, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do. A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, and it can be tough to be productive when you can’t find what you need.

The good news is that decluttering can help. A tidy environment can lead to a clearer headspace, which means more creativity and productivity. When you don’t have to worry about where everything is, you can focus on your work and get into a flow state more easily.

Plus, taking the time to declutter can be a creative act. Organizing your space can give you a chance to think about how you want to use your space and what kind of energy you want to bring into it.

declutter your space to improve your creativity

Final Thoughts

Clutter has a way of weighing us down, both physically and mentally. It’s tough to be creative when you’re constantly surrounded by mess. If you’re looking for a way to boost your creativity, decluttering may be the answer.

You gain both physical and mental space when you declutter. This allows you to focus on what’s important and be more productive. A cluttered environment can be overwhelming and stressful, which doesn’t lend itself to creativity. 

If you’re feeling stuck creatively, decluttering could help you regain your mojo. It may seem daunting, but once you start, you’ll likely find it easier than you thought. And the result will be well worth it. Comment a big YES! if you’re ready for a creativity boost!

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